ScalaHosting Review

ScalaHosting Review

ScalaHosting stands as a prominent entity dedicated to delivering cutting-edge web hosting technology to a diverse audience. By doing so, they empower them to craft exceptional web experiences for their communities.

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Founded in 2007 and led by Vladislav Georgiev, ScalaHosting is one of the leading companies within the realm of web hosting technology. The company is renowned globally for its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to a wide-ranging clientele.

ScalaHosting is at the forefront of web hosting technology. Their initial goal was clear. To create a VPS hosting solution accessible to everyone, including students, developers, businesses, and large teams, enabling them to create remarkable web experiences. This commitment drives their ongoing efforts to ensure the cloud is both secure and easily manageable while also emphasizing scalability. ScalaHosting firmly supports high-performance, ultra-secure, and cost-effective VPS solutions, aiming for efficiency in the hosting industry.

About ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting is a dedicated VPS and web hosting company providing exceptional services to clients such as forex traders all across the globe. Since its establishment in 2007 under the leadership of Vladislav Georgiev, they have become the preferred option for forex traders and users worldwide. Operating under the name ScalaHosting LLC, they have their offices located in the United States, Dallas to be exact. Note that ScalaHosting also maintains hosting servers in various data centers. Their customers can choose from their native infrastructure in Dallas, New York, and Bulgaria or from the integrated data centers in Ohio, Virginia, Oregon, Montreal, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Ireland, Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney.


ScalaHosting provides dedicated forex traders with a comprehensive set of tools and features that offer significant advantages.

Guaranteed 100% Network Up-time

ScalaHosting guarantees uninterrupted service with a dedicated commitment to 100% uptime. This assurance is reinforced by robust power backup systems that act as a safeguard against any potential downtime. Such reliability is of paramount importance for forex traders handling substantial volumes of positions.

Extremely Low Latency Times

ScalaHosting provides remarkably low latency times by maintaining high bandwidth across all servers. This translates to trade executions in less than a millisecond, with resources consistently dedicated. This establishes an industry standard for low latency when compared to other VPS providers.

Numerous Equinox Data Centers

ScalaHosting strategically situates its native infrastructure data centers in Dallas, New York, and Bulgaria. Moreover, you have the option to select a data center from a range of locations, including Ohio, Virginia, Oregon, Montreal, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Ireland, Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney. This flexibility enables you to choose a data center that is in close proximity to your broker’s servers, ensuring the most reliable and low-latency connections—an essential consideration for every forex trader.

The list of Equinox Data Centers includes:

  • Dallas
  • New York
  • Bulgaria
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Oregon
  • Montreal
  • London

  • Frankfurt
  • Paris
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Mumbai
  • Tokyo
  • Seoul
  • Sydney

Excellent Customer Support

Forex traders who choose ScalaHosting enjoy the 24/7 availability of technical support. Their dedicated support team plays a crucial role in safeguarding traders from potential losses that may arise due to trading system errors, ensuring a smoother and more secure trading experience. With ScalaHosting’s reliable support at your side, you can navigate the Forex market with confidence and peace of mind.

Compatibility With All Trading Platforms & Brokers

ScalaHosting’s VPS is compatible with all major trading platforms, yet it is specifically optimized for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 on Windows 2019 Standard. This configuration grants you uninterrupted access to Forex trading from any corner of the globe around the clock. Moreover, it facilitates connections to an extensive network of over 2,000 broker servers, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive trading experience.

100% Automated

Within your client area at ScalaHosting, you have seamless, 24/7 control over your Forex VPS. You possess a diverse array of capabilities at your fingertips, including the ability to initiate, pause, or reboot your VPS, reset passwords, perform upgrades or downgrades, access the console, and closely monitor resource allocation. These extensive features grant you the power to fine-tune and optimize your Forex VPS to suit your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience at any hour of the day or night.

Plans & Pricing

ScalaHosting offers traders a selection of four distinct VPS plans, each varying in key features, including CPU Cores, RAM, and SSD Disk. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to opt for monthly, 6-month, or yearly billing cycles.

VPS Broker Partnership

ScalaHosting operates as a VPS provider without any established broker partnerships. Consequently, this implies that traders using ScalaHosting‘s services do not have the opportunity to receive special discounts based on their monthly trading volume. While some other VPS providers may offer such incentives in collaboration with specific brokers, ScalaHosting focuses on delivering exceptional VPS hosting without relying on broker affiliations for pricing advantages.

Exclusive: Why Should You Use a VPS for Forex Trading?

Applying a VPS for forex trading can prove to be a reasonable choice for a multitude of reasons. Let’s explore some of the potential advantages and applications that come with utilizing a Virtual Private Server in the realm of forex trading.

Use of Expert Advisors

For traders employing Expert Advisors (EAs), prioritizing low latency and maintaining an optimal connection to the market are pivotal considerations. Given the essential factor of maintaining uninterrupted operations for both your computer and trading charts, the integration of a Virtual Private Server can provide substantial long-term benefits. The logistical challenge of sustaining a 24/7 operational cycle and ensuring consistent market access from a personal computer underscores the practicality of VPS implementation. By configuring and running the EA on a VPS, you streamline this process, requiring manual intervention only when specific modifications are warranted. This approach markedly enhances efficiency and reliability in executing trading strategies.

Use of Trade Copiers

Capitalizing on trade copiers constitutes a highly advantageous tool for traders. It is imperative to acquire a comprehensive understanding of this instrument and its operational nuances. Trade copiers facilitate the seamless replication of trades from one account to an unlimited number of copier accounts in real time. This capability serves to optimize profit potential, mitigate broker exposure, and bolster risk management strategies across a trader’s portfolio. With the implementation of a Virtual Private Server, you will be able to elevate the efficiency and dependability of your trading strategy execution.

Trading with Proprietary Trading Firms

An additional strategic application of a Virtual Private Server involves its configuration to accommodate multiple proprietary trading firm accounts, which can be operated simultaneously through the distribution of a trade copier. This approach has proven to be particularly effective for numerous traders who seek to optimize their trading journeys. By aligning with the best proprietary trading firms, implementing a reliable trade copier, and leveraging the capabilities of a dedicated VPS, traders can attain a heightened level of efficiency and precision in their trading operations. This integrated approach showcases a sophisticated and refined method for managing multiple accounts uninterrupted.

Using Trading Tools on Mac Devices

Mac users often encounter frustration due to the incompatibility of trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 with their operating system. While some brokers have attempted to create Mac-compatible versions, the majority of MT4 iterations remain unsupportive. Nonetheless, a strategic remedy involves the integration of a Virtual Private Server with a remote desktop tool. This configuration enables seamless trading on a Windows platform while maintaining a connection to the Mac interface. Through this method, Mac owners can effectively access the crucial functionalities essential for successful trading activities.

Community Feedback

ScalaHosting consistently receives exceptional feedback from its dedicated user community, underscoring the outstanding service it provides. This commendation is prominently featured on esteemed platforms such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and HostAdvice, where traders and clients worldwide have shared their positive experiences with the company. These glowing reviews reflect the trust and confidence placed in ScalaHosting by its community, solidifying its standing as a reputable Forex VPS service provider.

ScalaHosting caters to a diverse community, as evidenced by their Trustpilot profile. Gathering an impressive 1,260 reviews, they maintain an outstanding overall rating of 5 out of 5. This exceptional feedback emphasizes their dedication to delivering a dependable and high-performing VPS hosting and web hosting solution that is finely tuned to meet the needs of their user base.

Sitejabber serves as an additional avenue for gathering feedback, offering valuable insights from the community. On this platform, ScalaHosting upholds an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5, garnered from a total of 47 reviews. This favorable reception further solidifies ScalaHosting’s position as a reliable and reputable service for traders in search of top-notch performance and dependability in their VPS solutions.

The final feedback source worth noting is HostAdvice, where ScalaHosting continues to establish itself as a highly recommended VPS service provider backed by insights from its community. ScalaHosting maintains an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5, drawing from a substantial pool of 295 genuine customer reviews. This confirms its reputation as a dependable and trustworthy service provider for the third time.

Customer Support

ScalaHosting boasts an outstanding customer support system, exemplified by their swift and insightful responses to community needs. Their website hosts an interactive live chat function, furnishing a direct avenue for users facing challenges or seeking additional information about their services.

Furthermore, ScalaHosting presents an expansive Knowledge Base section, furnishing in-depth guides customized to specific needs. For users in need of personalized assistance, reaching out through one of their provided email addresses, depending on the situation, ensures that the reliable customer support team will promptly address your inquiries.


In conclusion, ScalaHosting stands out as one of the leading providers of meticulously tailored VPS and hosting services, specially crafted to cater to the needs of forex traders and a diverse clientele. Since its establishment in 2007, under the guidance of Vladislav Georgiev under the entity name ScalaHosting LLC, the company has gained widespread recognition for its outstanding offerings. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ScalaHosting strategically positions its hosting servers in a network of top-tier data centers, strategically positioned in crucial locations such as New York, Bulgaria, Ohio, Virginia, Oregon, Montreal, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Ireland, Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney.

ScalaHosting offers a comprehensive array of features carefully designed to cater to the precise requirements of committed forex traders and other clientele. This includes a guaranteed 100% network uptime, extremely low latency times, and access to numerous equinox data centers. Moreover, their exceptional customer support team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance to all their clients, a pivotal advantage within their service offerings. ScalaHosting also offers compatibility with all major trading platforms, yet it is specifically optimized for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 on Windows 2019 Standard and has 100% automation, meaning that you possess a diverse array of capabilities at your fingertips, including the ability to initiate, pause, or reboot your VPS, reset passwords, perform upgrades or downgrades, access the console, and closely monitor resource allocation. Pairing all the mentioned features with exceptional community feedback and a committed customer support team, ScalaHosting stands out as a top-tier choice for VPS services in the forex trading industry. These elements collectively solidify their position as a premier provider.

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