FXVM Review

FXVM Review

FXVM is a company committed to providing VPS solutions tailored for forex traders all across the globe. They offer high-performance hosting solutions with minimal latency, ensuring quick and reliable trade executions.

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Founded in 2013 and led by Nick McDonald under Think Huge Ltd, operating as FXVM.net, the company has established itself as a frontrunner in providing specialized VPS services crafted specifically for forex traders. FXVM has earned global acclaim for its outstanding services.

FXVM is a company dedicated to delivering VPS solutions designed specifically for forex trading. Their offerings comprise high-performance hosting solutions characterized by minimal latency, guaranteeing swift and dependable trade executions. FXVM’s services are held in high regard owing to their resilient infrastructure and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer support. This positions them as a trusted and preferred choice for traders who demand nothing short of top-notch VPS solutions for their trading endeavors. With FXVM, traders can rely on a seamless and high-quality trading experience.

About FXVM

FXVM specializes in VPS solutions designed specifically for Forex traders worldwide. Established back in 2013 and owned by Nick McDonald, they are being used by numerous forex traders all across the globe. Operating under the official name Think Huge Ltd, it conducts business as FXVM.net and is headquartered in Central Hong Kong. Additionally, the company maintains hosting servers in various data centers across the world in London, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, and Mumbai.


FXVM provides dedicated forex traders with a comprehensive suite of tools and features that offer significant benefits. These include a 100% uptime guarantee, remarkably low latency periods, numerous Equinox data centers, 24/7 professional customer support, and compatibility with all trading platforms and brokers.

100% Up-time Guarantee

FXVM ensures uninterrupted operation with a 100% uptime guarantee, reinforced by a reliable power backup system to mitigate potential outages. This attribute is critical for Forex traders managing substantial position volumes, as any downtime during their trading activities can be costly.

Remarkably Low Latency Periods

FXVM boasts remarkably low latency, a fundamental criterion for any VPS service. For traders, this is an essential necessity to execute market orders swiftly and without the risk of encountering lag or delays. This distinction is particularly pivotal for scalpers, for whom every pip holds significant importance.

Numerous Equinox Data Centers

By using Equinox data centers, FXVM strategically situates your server in close proximity to your broker’s servers. This meticulous placement guarantees the most dependable and minimal latency connections, a mandatory consideration for Forex traders who rely on swift transactions. This geographical advantage significantly enhances the overall trading experience.

The list of Equinox Data Centers includes:

  • London
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Amsterdam
  • Zurich
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Mumbai

24/7 Professional Customer Support

FXVM offers 24/7 professional customer support to their community, a highly beneficial aspect for forex traders all across the globe. They are available to assist in program setup and provide guidance in case any issues arise during the process. This is a notable advantage, as errors in your trading systems could potentially lead to significant impacts on your account balances.

Compatibility With All Trading Platforms & Brokers

FXVM is compatible with a wide range of trading platforms and brokers, allowing you the flexibility to utilize your preferred choices. This capability empowers you to trade across multiple accounts under optimal conditions, presenting a substantial advantage.

Plans & Pricing

FXVM offers traders a selection of four distinct VPS plans, each varying in key features, including CPU Cores, RAM, SSD Storage, and Windows compatibility. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to opt for monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly billing cycles.

Lite VPS Billing CyclePrice
1 Month€21/month
3 Months€20/month (€60 billed quarterly)
6 Months€19/month (€114 billed semi-annually)
1 Year€18/month (€216 billed annually)
Basic VPS Billing CyclePrice
1 Month€30/month
3 Months€29/month (€87 billed quarterly)
6 Months€28/month (€168 billed semi-annually)
1 Year€27/month (€324 billed annually)
Advanced VPS Billing CyclePrice
1 Month€52/month
3 Months€51/month (€153 billed quarterly)
6 Months€50/month (€300 billed semi-annually)
1 Year€49/month (€588 billed annually)
High Freq VPS Billing CyclePrice
1 Month€72/month
3 Months€71/month (€213 billed quarterly)
6 Months€70/month (€420 billed semi-annually)
1 Year€69/month (€828 billed annually)

Dedicated Server

In addition, FXVM offers Dedicated Servers designed to handle demanding trading strategies. This grants you access to formidable processing capabilities and exclusive resources, enhanced by valuable features such as full hardware resources, top-tier bandwidth, and lightning-fast speeds.

Custom Dedicated Forex Server Billing CyclePrice
1 Month€181/month
3 Months€179/month (€527 billed quarterly)
6 Months€177/month (€1,062 billed semi-annually)
1 Year€175/month (€2,100 billed annually)

VPS Broker Partnership

FXVM operates as a VPS provider without any established broker partnerships. Consequently, this implies that traders using FXVM’s services do not have the opportunity to receive special discounts based on their monthly trading volume. While some other VPS providers may offer such incentives in collaboration with specific brokers, FXVM focuses on delivering exceptional VPS hosting without relying on broker affiliations for pricing advantages.

Exclusive: Why Should You Use a VPS for Forex Trading?

Applying a VPS for forex trading can prove to be a reasonable choice for a multitude of reasons. Let’s explore some of the potential advantages and applications that come with utilizing a Virtual Private Server in the realm of forex trading.

Use of Expert Advisors

For traders employing Expert Advisors (EAs), prioritizing low latency and maintaining an optimal connection to the market are pivotal considerations. Given the essential factor of maintaining uninterrupted operations for both your computer and trading charts, the integration of a Virtual Private Server can provide substantial long-term benefits. The logistical challenge of sustaining a 24/7 operational cycle and ensuring consistent market access from a personal computer underscores the practicality of VPS implementation. By configuring and running the EA on a VPS, you streamline this process, requiring manual intervention only when specific modifications are warranted. This approach markedly enhances efficiency and reliability in executing trading strategies.

Use of Trade Copiers

Capitalizing on trade copiers constitutes a highly advantageous tool for traders. It is imperative to acquire a comprehensive understanding of this instrument and its operational nuances. Trade copiers facilitate the seamless replication of trades from one account to an unlimited number of copier accounts in real time. This capability serves to optimize profit potential, mitigate broker exposure, and bolster risk management strategies across a trader’s portfolio. With the implementation of a Virtual Private Server, you will be able to elevate the efficiency and dependability of your trading strategy execution.

Trading with Proprietary Trading Firms

An additional strategic application of a Virtual Private Server involves its configuration to accommodate multiple proprietary trading firm accounts, which can be operated simultaneously through the distribution of a trade copier. This approach has proven to be particularly effective for numerous traders who seek to optimize their trading journeys. By aligning with the best proprietary trading firms, implementing a reliable trade copier, and leveraging the capabilities of a dedicated VPS, traders can attain a heightened level of efficiency and precision in their trading operations. This integrated approach showcases a sophisticated and refined method for managing multiple accounts uninterrupted.

Using Trading Tools on Mac Devices

Mac users often encounter frustration due to the incompatibility of trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 with their operating system. While some brokers have attempted to create Mac-compatible versions, the majority of MT4 iterations remain unsupportive. Nonetheless, a strategic remedy involves the integration of a Virtual Private Server with a remote desktop tool. This configuration enables seamless trading on a Windows platform while maintaining a connection to the Mac interface. Through this method, Mac owners can effectively access the crucial functionalities essential for successful trading activities.

Community Feedback

FXVM boasts remarkable feedback from its devoted user community, serving as a testament to the exceptional service it delivers. This is clearly displayed on reputable platforms like Trustpilot and Forex Peace Army, where traders from around the world have openly shared their positive encounters with the company. These excellent reviews mirror the trust and confidence placed in FXVM by their community, solidifying their reputation as a dependable VPS service provider in the Forex trading industry.

FXVM satisfies a wide range of its community, which is evident by looking at Trustpilot. With an impressive count of 2,612 reviews, they hold an excellent overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. This remarkable feedback underscores their unwavering dedication to providing a dependable and high-performing VPS solution tailored specifically for the forex trading community.

Another platform for gathering feedback is the Forex Peace Army website, though the number of available reviews is relatively limited. Nonetheless, they offer valuable insights from the forex trading community. On this platform, FXVM maintains a creditable rating of 4.035 out of 5, based on a total of 22 reviews. This positive reception further solidifies FXVM’s position as a trusted and reputable service for traders seeking optimal performance and reliability in their VPS solutions.

Customer Support

FXVM offers a top-notch customer support system, as demonstrated by their swift and informative responses to community needs. Their website incorporates an interactive live chat feature, serving as a direct channel of communication for users facing challenges or seeking additional information about their service.

Furthermore, FXVM provides an extensive Knowledge Base and FAQ section, delivering users detailed guides customized to their specific requirements. For those who require additional personalized assistance, support can be requested through FXVM’s website by simply filling out the provided form. The professional customer support team will attempt to respond within 15 minutes during market hours to attend to your concerns.


In conclusion, FXVM is one of the leading companies in delivering specialized VPS services finely tuned for forex traders. Established in 2013 and led by Nick McDonald within Think Huge Ltd, trading as FXVM.net, the company has gathered worldwide recognition for its exceptional services. Based in Central Hong Kong, FXVM strategically deploys hosting servers in a network of top-tier data centers surrounding critical locations such as London, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, and Mumbai.

FXVM’s comprehensive range of features is meticulously tailored to meet the exacting demands of committed forex traders. This includes a 100% uptime guarantee, remarkably low latency periods, and the strategic placement of numerous Equinox data centers to ensure seamless connectivity. The availability of 24/7 professional customer support is a crucial asset, providing timely assistance in program setup and troubleshooting, which is a priority for any Forex trader. Moreover, FXVM offers compatibility with various trading platforms and brokers, along with the option to choose a Dedicated Server, demonstrating their commitment to meeting their clients’ satisfaction. All these factors, in conjunction with their outstanding community feedback and dedicated customer support team, firmly establish FXVM as one of the leading VPS service providers in the forex trading industry.

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