Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review

Hostinger is dedicated to enabling online success for developers, bloggers, or entrepreneurs. With our swift web hosting technology, dependable customer support team, and user-friendly hPanel, expanding your website is easy.

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Hostinger stands as a prominent web hosting solutions provider, catering to a community of over a million creators hailing from more than 150 countries. Originating as a tech startup based in Lithuania in 2004, we continue to thrive under the leadership of our CEO, Daugirdas Jankus.

Hostinger stands out as a top-notch company, focusing on both VPS hosting and web hosting, catering to a diverse range of users, including forex traders. Its competitive pricing, commendable performance, and user-friendly interface have been instrumental in establishing its esteemed reputation. Moreover, the resources bundled in its web hosting packages are very generous. Hostinger’s KVM hosting leverages state-of-the-art HPE and DELL hardware, robust NVMe SSD storage, and advanced AMD EPYC processors. This amalgamation guarantees exceptional performance and responsiveness for your website or application.

About Hostinger

Hostinger specializes in VPS and web hosting, providing excellent services to clients such as forex traders worldwide. Established back in 2004 and run by Daugirdas Jankus, they are being used by numerous forex traders and other users worldwide. Operating under the name Hostinger, UAB, they have their offices located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Additionally, the company maintains hosting servers in various data centers across the United States, the United Kingdom, France, India, Singapore, Brazil, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.


Hostinger provides dedicated forex traders with a suite of tools and features that offer significant advantages. These include a 99.99% up-time guarantee, exceptionally low latency times, multiple Equinox data centers, outstanding customer support, seamless compatibility with various trading platforms and brokers, a browser terminal, and scalable VPS hosting.

99.99% Up-time Guarantee

Hostinger guarantees uninterrupted service with a 99.99% uptime assurance, reinforced by robust power backup systems to avert any potential downtime. This is an essential feature for forex traders handling substantial volumes of positions.

Exceptionally Low Latency Times

With a high bandwidth across all servers, Hostinger achieves exceptionally low latency times. Trades execute in less than a millisecond, and resources remain dedicated, setting an industry benchmark for low latency compared to other VPS providers.

Multiple Equinox Data Centers

Hostinger strategically positions its data centers in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, providing you the option to select a server that is in close proximity to your broker’s servers. This guarantees the most dependable and minimal latency connections, a crucial element for forex traders.

The list of Equinox Data Centers includes:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • India

  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands

Outstanding Customer Support

Hostinger delivers outstanding customer support, an advantageous benefit for every forex trader. Their team aids in program setup and resolving issues, offering valuable assistance to mitigate potential losses arising from trading system errors. Furthermore, they offer an AI Assistant that streamlines VPS management even further.

Compatibility With Various Trading Platforms & Brokers

Hostinger offers seamless compatibility with a range of trading platforms and brokers, giving users the freedom to select their preferred options. This compatibility also extends to accounts with proprietary trading firms, providing enhanced trading conditions and potentially allowing for multi-account trading in optimal situations.

Browser Terminal

Hostinger enables you to execute shortcuts, handle files, and adjust VPS settings directly from your browser. There’s no requirement to install extra software. Simply input your commands and execute them through the web-based terminal.

Scalable VPS Hosting

With Hostinger, you can begin with a modest plan and expand as your needs grow. When you require additional server resources, moving to a higher-tier VPS hosting plan is just a few clicks away.

Plans & Pricing

Hostinger offers traders a selection of four distinct VPS plans, each varying in key features, including CPU, RAM, Disk space, and bandwidth. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to opt for monthly or yearly billing cycles.

Monthly PlanPricing (Per Month)Renewed Pricing (After a Month)
KVM 1$13,99$13,99
KVM 2$18,99$18,99
KVM 4$32,99$32,99
KVM 8$59,99$59,99
Yearly PlanPricing (Per Month)Renewed Pricing (After a Year)
KVM 1$5,99$7,99
KVM 2$7,99$10,99
KVM 4$12,99$24,99
KVM 8$21,99$49,99

VPS Broker Partnership

Hostinger operates as a VPS provider without any established broker partnerships. Consequently, this implies that traders using Hostinger’s services do not have the opportunity to receive special discounts based on their monthly trading volume. While some other VPS providers may offer such incentives in collaboration with specific brokers, Hostinger focuses on delivering exceptional VPS hosting without relying on broker affiliations for pricing advantages.

Exclusive: Why Should You Use a VPS for Forex Trading?

Applying a VPS for forex trading can prove to be a reasonable choice for a multitude of reasons. Let’s explore some of the potential advantages and applications that come with utilizing a Virtual Private Server in the realm of forex trading.

Use of Expert Advisors

For traders employing Expert Advisors (EAs), prioritizing low latency and maintaining an optimal connection to the market are pivotal considerations. Given the essential factor of maintaining uninterrupted operations for both your computer and trading charts, the integration of a Virtual Private Server can provide substantial long-term benefits. The logistical challenge of sustaining a 24/7 operational cycle and ensuring consistent market access from a personal computer underscores the practicality of VPS implementation. By configuring and running the EA on a VPS, you streamline this process, requiring manual intervention only when specific modifications are warranted. This approach markedly enhances efficiency and reliability in executing trading strategies.

Use of Trade Copiers

Capitalizing on trade copiers constitutes a highly advantageous tool for traders. It is imperative to acquire a comprehensive understanding of this instrument and its operational nuances. Trade copiers facilitate the seamless replication of trades from one account to an unlimited number of copier accounts in real time. This capability serves to optimize profit potential, mitigate broker exposure, and bolster risk management strategies across a trader’s portfolio. With the implementation of a Virtual Private Server, you will be able to elevate the efficiency and dependability of your trading strategy execution.

Trading with Proprietary Trading Firms

An additional strategic application of a Virtual Private Server involves its configuration to accommodate multiple proprietary trading firm accounts, which can be operated simultaneously through the distribution of a trade copier. This approach has proven to be particularly effective for numerous traders who seek to optimize their trading journeys. By aligning with the best proprietary trading firms, implementing a reliable trade copier, and leveraging the capabilities of a dedicated VPS, traders can attain a heightened level of efficiency and precision in their trading operations. This integrated approach showcases a sophisticated and refined method for managing multiple accounts uninterrupted.

Using Trading Tools on Mac Devices

Mac users often encounter frustration due to the incompatibility of trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 with their operating system. While some brokers have attempted to create Mac-compatible versions, the majority of MT4 iterations remain unsupportive. Nonetheless, a strategic remedy involves the integration of a Virtual Private Server with a remote desktop tool. This configuration enables seamless trading on a Windows platform while maintaining a connection to the Mac interface. Through this method, Mac owners can effectively access the crucial functionalities essential for successful trading activities.

Community Feedback

Hostinger receives outstanding feedback from its devoted user community, which serves as a testament to the exceptional service it offers. This is prominently displayed on esteemed platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and HostAdvice, where traders and other clients from around the globe have shared their favorable encounters with the company. These commendable reviews mirror the trust and confidence vested in Hostinger by its community, solidifying its reputation as a trustworthy VPS service provider.

Hostinger caters to a diverse community, as evidenced by their Trustpilot profile. Gathering an impressive 20,109 reviews, they maintain an outstanding overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. This exceptional feedback emphasizes their dedication to delivering a dependable and high-performing VPS hosting and web hosting solution that is finely tuned to meet the needs of their user base.

Sitejabber serves as an additional avenue for gathering feedback, offering valuable insights from the community. On this platform, Hostinger upholds an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5, garnered from a total of 722 reviews. This favorable reception further solidifies Hostinger’s position as a reliable and reputable service for traders in search of top-notch performance and dependability in their VPS solutions.

The final feedback source worth noting is HostAdvice, where Hostinger continues to establish itself as a highly recommended VPS service provider backed by insights from its community. Hostinger maintains an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5, drawing from a substantial pool of 2,430 genuine customer reviews. This reaffirms its reputation as a dependable and trustworthy service provider for the third time.

Customer Support

Hostinger offers an exceptional customer support system, demonstrated by its swift and valuable responses to community needs. The website incorporates an interactive live chat feature, ensuring direct communication for registered users facing challenges or seeking additional information about their service.

Furthermore, Hostinger provides an expansive Knowledge Base section, delivering detailed guides tailored to individual requirements. Users in need of personalized assistance can request support through one of their emails, depending on the situation, and the adept customer support team will be in touch soon to attend to your inquiries.


In conclusion, Hostinger emerges as a frontrunner in providing custom-tailored VPS and web hosting services, designed with a focus on forex traders and various other clients. Established in 2004 and led by Daugirdas Jankus through the entity Hostinger, UAB, the company has garnered global acclaim for its exceptional offerings. Positioned in Kaunas, Lithuania, Hostinger strategically deploys hosting servers in a network of top-tier data centers, spanning crucial locations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, India, Singapore, Brazil, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

Hostinger provides an extensive range of features meticulously crafted to meet the exacting needs of dedicated forex traders and other clientele. This encompasses a robust 99.99% uptime assurance, exceptionally low latency times, and the strategic positioning of Equinox data centers for seamless connectivity. The presence of a top-notch customer support team ensures timely aid for all of their clients, which is a vital advantage within their services. Additionally, it offers compatibility with diverse trading platforms and brokers, a well-developed browser terminal, scalable VPS hosting, and an AI Assistant, showcasing its commitment to fulfilling its clients’ requirements. These factors, combined with their exceptional community feedback and dedicated customer support team, firmly establish Hostinger as a premier choice for VPS services in the forex trading industry.

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